The 3 Dreamers Podcast

Three childhood friends come together and share their motivational messages and secrets to help you achieve your goals and find success.

Meet The Hosts

Three childhood friends who grew up together in Brooklyn, NY come together as adults to share their individual journeys of finding their unique paths to success and to support and encourage others who are either on the verge of taking their own leap of faith or have already taken that leap.
Meet the Hosts:
Lisa Cappiello is a certified teacher, motivational speaker, published writer, trained life coach, and licensed Kundalini yoga & meditation instructor. She is also a Brooklyn born-and-raised artist, humanitarian, hustler, healer, cat lover, and lifelong learner. Lisa believes that IT IS POSSIBLE to follow your dreams and have the life and career that feels right for you. Her unique tools and techniques have helped others realize a greater path life.
Ike Love is an inspirational writer, underwear model, and is currently launching his own men's underwear line. Tired of waiting for others in the fashion industry to give him the success he desired, Ike decided to appoint himself the right to be successful by creating his own men's underwear line with him as the main ad campaign model. Through his inspirational concept, The Viable Alternative, Ike seeks to inspire and empower others to follow his example by appointing themselves the right to be successful and creating their own unique success using their own internal resources and treasures.
Led Bradshaw
Led Bradshaw is the owner of Jetpulse Comics and co-created "The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse" with his son Jacob who is on the autism spectrum. A Brooklyn born comic book artist/writer, graphic artist and Level 1 Teaching Assistant, Led pulled his son into learning by turning young Jacob's refrigerator drawings into an amazing comic book adventure. "The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse" Jetpulse Comics is a unique “father-and-son” project that was created to uplift, encourage and raise awareness about children and other individuals all over the world who are on the autism spectrum. It also gives Jacob the opportunity to write his own comic book stories and shows others what life is like with autism.