The 3 Dreamers Podcast

Three childhood friends come together and share their motivational messages and secrets to help you achieve your goals and find success.

A Message From Lisa

Hi Friends,

My meditation practice is one of my most scared rituals. Meditating brings me peace. It connects me to my creativity and enables me to tap into Source energy. It helps me to release, recalibrate, and FEEL GOOD. Learning how to meditate has truly changed my life!

Here are 4 free meditation tools that I highly recommend, to jump-start or incorporate into your current meditation practice.

Headspace is an app that provides simple, guided meditations to help you live a happier, healthier, more well-rested life. You can visit their site here - 

This Morning Meditation by Gabby Bernstein is a great way to set your intentions and start your day. I recommend using it before you scroll on your phone or turn on the tv. – 

This beautiful meditation by Alexi Panos enables you to access wisdom from your higher self. This soothing meditation is great if you are in the process of making an important decision and you want to quiet the chatter in your mind. - 

Amanbir Singh is one of the teachers who trained me to be a Kundalini yoga/meditation teacher. I admire and respect him greatly. This is a wonderful meditation for emotional balance and mental clarity. I always feel so much more focused after I do it. – 

If you would like to meditate with me liveI’m teaching a LEARN TO MEDITATE Workshop at Bay Ridge Yoga on Friday, March 8 at 6:30 pm.This workshop is great for beginners but it’s also great for meditators who would like a refresher on the basics, and some additional tools to add to their daily meditation practice.
You can register here –

If you would like to meditate with me from the comfort of your own home, or want to learn how to relax, reduce stress, and incorporate mindfulness tools into your daily routine, let’s set up a call, and everything can be tailored exclusively to you.
You can book a phone call with me here –  
Please try whatever speaks to you and definitely keep me posted! And feel free to ask any questions.
Enjoy the rest of your day!

Much love and light,
Lisa XO